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"Joseph Thomas is willing to get up early, to stay out late, to go over the next ridge…to go the extra mile for photographs that stand out from the overwhelming morass of visual clutter that inundates us every day.”

- Christopher Robinson, Editor
Outdoor Photographer Magazine




Discomfort. Pain. Exhaustion. These are the price of admission to many of the most remote and scenic locations in Colorado.  Lugging a backbreaking payload ten-plus miles a day over steep rugged terrain might be necessary to reach a destination. Most often trekking solo, I've endured cuts, scrapes, blisters, bruises, swollen knees, sprained ankles, hot days, cold nights, frozen fingers and toes, disorientation, sleep deprivation, and even a terrifying bear encounter. But the reward for paying this price is to witness breathtaking natural splendor that few will ever see.

Colorado is a land of geological wonders, ecological diversity, and meteorological extremes. Her many moods range from serene and nurturing to fierce and unforgiving. Each of these moods evokes its own distinct set of emotions which in turn provide limitless inspiration for photographic creativity.

There is a kind of music that abounds in the Colorado wilderness. Its rhythms, harmonies, themes, and motifs give rise to glorious compositions - a rhapsody in light! The dynamics of a day might begin with a pianissimo sunrise that gradually crescendos to a thundering fortissimo of cumulonimbus by late afternoon. There also exists in nature the kind of interplay that one might observe between musicians in a jazz combo. The various components ─ geology, water, flora, fauna, atmosphere, and light ─ improvise and coalesce to create a fortuitous visual symphony.

I have enjoyed a rewarding career as a composer, music educator (Metropolitan State University of Denver), and musician (touring North America and opening for Bonnie Raitt, Bobby McFerrin and Wynton Marsalis to name a few).  With so much vested in music, the question often arises ─ why photography?  The answer is that, like many with a passion for creativity, I am compelled to create art in more than one medium. While each of these crafts requires its own unique set of technical skills, there are some common threads that unite the disciplines. Photography requires a keen eye for beauty, and music requires a keen ear for it.  But ultimately, they both require a keen mind for beauty, and in that regard, there is no distinction to be drawn between the two art forms.

I love being present when magnificent landscapes and magical light converge to produce, for a fleeting moment in time, rare and exquisite grandeur.  I've done my best to capture these moments so you can enjoy them without discomfort, pain or exhaustion.



Intensive multi-day photography lessons in Colorado's most beautiful locations.

All skill levels welcome

"The coolest art class in Colorado!"

- 5280 Magazine

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